O'Neal Management & Consulting Co., LLC., specializes in providing professional consulting to
government and industry in the areas of Economic Development, Telecommunications, Voice &
Data Networking, Legal Administration, Business Incentives, Site Selection, General Business
Management/Administration, and Financing Assistance
O'Neal Management & Consulting
Scott O'Neal, Jr., MBA
MAJOR, USAR (retired)
318-237-7770 or 781-823-7992(FAX)
Our Mission
Make our clients more effective at what they do, and improve their profitability.   Be a resource
to answer questions, provide management assistance, and give them peace of mind.  Be a
problem solver for our clients and earn their trust.

O'Neal Management & Consulting Co., LLC, provides a diverse group of services to its clients,
including the following:

√    Economic Development Management & Consulting
  • Grant Writing
  • Assistance in taking advantage of all available incentives offered by
         federal, state, and local governments
  • Marketing programs to recruit new businesses
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactical Planning
  • Site Selection

√    Site Selection

  • Site Selection planning and analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis and planning
  • Location negotiations and consulting

√    Legal office administration

  • Legal software analysis
  • Office networking
  • Telecommunications and Data Networking
  • Personnel policies and administration
  • Legal research systems and tools
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactical Planning
  • Site Selection, planning, and development

√    Telecommunications Consulting

  • Telephone Systems analyses and networking
  • Long-Distance networking analysis
  • Multiple-office networking
  • Mobile telecommunications networking

√    Business Incentives

  • Enterprise Zone tax incentives/rebates -
  • Renewal Community tax incentives
  • Empowerment Zones     

√    Business Management

  • Business software selection/implementation
  • Office Automation consulting (copiers, fax, printers, etc)
  • Computer/networking equipment selection & implementation
  • Marketing strategy development & implementation
  • Personnel policy development & management
  • New Markets identification & analysis

√    Financing Assistance

  • Assistance in securing Financing for Start-up Business
  • Assistance in Securing Financing for Business Expansions or Relocations
  • Assistance with non-traditional financing requirements
  • SBA Financing
  • USDA Financing
  • Economic Development Financing Assistance